Museum Passes

The Mountain Top Library is pleased to offer a selection of area museum passes to patrons free of charge with the express purpose of enhancing the community’s cultural access. Museum passes may be borrowed by Mountain Top Library card holders, 18 years of age or over, with a library card in good standing (i.e. no outstanding fines totaling $10 or more). Patrons are required to verify the museum’s hours of operation as well as their terms and conditions placed upon the pass before travel to the museum. Passes are subject to availability, and are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one museum pass package may be borrowed per library card at a time. Borrowers must return a pass before borrowing another one. The Library reserves the right to monitor usage to ensure fair access to the greatest number of patrons. Passes may be borrowed for 3 days depending on the location of the institution from the Library, as well as the Library’s operating hours. Museum passes will be barcoded and checked out like other circulating material. Passes must be returned to a circulation desk clerk at Mountain Top Library. Please do not return in our drop box or to another Mid-Hudson Library. A fee of $5 per day will be charged to the borrower for passes held beyond the due date. A pass not returned within seven days after the due date will be considered lost and the borrower charged the current fine or replacement cost, whichever is greater. At this point, a replacement fee based on the museum’s replacement conditions will be applied to the patron’s library record.
*Each museum determines the rules and regulations governing the use of its museum pass. The museum pass may not provide admission to all exhibits at the museum. The Library assumes no responsibility of any kind arising out of the reservation or use of museum passes or any parking accommodation.

Thank you to the Twilight Park committee who contributed to make this museum passes program possible for Mountain Top Library patrons!