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The Mountain Top Library is located at 6093 Main Street, Tannersville, across from Hunter Tannersville Jr/Sr High School
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Contact Us:

Mountain Top Library
6093 Main St.
PO Box 427
Tannersville, NY 12485
Phone 518-589-5707
Fax 518-589-5023

About the Library:

Mountain Top Library was originally called the Haines Falls Free Library. It was founded in 1900, and was once located at 52 North Lake Road in Haines Falls.

In 2014, after a 9-year renovation project, the Library moved to the heart of the Village of Tannersville, into circa 1954 Catholic Church Marian Center building, and officially change the name to Mountain Top Library. It is the mission of Mountain Top Library to disseminate knowledge through the offering of information and communication services, literature and history; facilitate and promote activities designed to expand and improve the quality of library services to our patrons; and to sponsor appropriate events, programs and activities that will strengthen the library in the advancement of its stated purposes. We offer quality programs for people of all ages. Programs offered are educational, entertaining, life enhancing and/or thought provoking, with an emphasis on their relevance to our Mountain Top community’s wants and needs.

Mountain Top Library is an Association Library. We rely heavily on donations and community support to maintain our operating costs and expenses. We want to be a sustainable, fixed institution, with in Tannersville and in the broader mountain top community.

Mountain Top Library Board of Trustees

Susan Kleinfelder –President
Robert Hersey – Vice-President
Beverly Feml –Treasurer
Ellen Manfredi – Secretary
Heather Barnett – Trustee
Catherine Wade –Trustee
Charles Royce –Trustee
Leslie Merlin –Trustee
Paige Jones –Trustee
Stephanie Streich –Trustee

Mountain Top Library Staff

Jacqueline Elmo-Emel~ Director
Nicholas Spinetti
Alison Nixon
Elyse Browne
Corissa Corwin